A Stitch in Time Quilt Exhibit

In May 2016, Preston Historical Society hosted “A Stitch in Time: Our Stories in Quilts”, a quilt exhibit featuring more than 100 quilts, many made by individuals local to Preston and the surrounding communities. The exhibit was so well received it was extended for two additional weekends and plans were immediately made to host the event in 2017. The quilts exhibited were both antique and more recent creations, but the emphasis was on quilts crafted prior to 1950. The oldest quilt displayed dated to the 1860s. A special highlight was a quilt crafted in 1936 by members of the Hog Creek Homemakers Club. Twenty women created this quilt, each preparing a square which they signed and dated. The quilt was displayed along with photographs of the women who created it. Descendants of some of those quilters visited the exhibit and they were photographed with the quilt. As a result of the quilt exhibit and the interest it generated in quilting, a quilting class was held in July at Preston Historical Society, which included some descendants of the Hog Creek Homemakers Club quilters.

The quilt exhibit would not have been possible without the help of local quilt historians Kay Butler and Cathy Spence. Retired school teachers, these ladies have taken their love of quilts and quilting to many venues. Several of the quilts featured in the exhibit belonged to Butler and Spence. Their quilts are not only works of art; they are narratives of lives past. The stories found in the quilts will once again be told as Preston Historical Society hosts this year’s exhibit on Saturday, May 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Historical Society is located at 167 Main Street in Preston, admission to the event is $5.00. This year’s exhibit will feature some favorite quilts from last year, including the Hog Creek Homemakers quilt, and many new quilts will be showcased. New features this year will include a room displaying pink coverlets and quilts in support of breast cancer awareness, an expanded baby quilt exhibit, a display of antique sewing tools and machines, and a quilting demonstration. For more information on the event visit www.prestonhistoricalsociety.com or Facebook at “Preston Historical Society” or call 410-673-2775.

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